candle lighting at our midsumma celebration

midsumma 14 lighting candles

Rev Coralie Ling wrote the following liturgy we used to light the six rainbow candles on the centre table.  Individually, then we lit a small candle from one of these candles and floated them in a bowl of water.

Gold  for the sun, centre of the aboriginal flag. God shines her sun on the just and the unjust, all are included under God’s sun.

Blue   for blue Christmas, for those rejected by families and nations because of their sexuality, for those struggling in hard times.

Green  for growth in spirituality, a spirituality blessed by the rains of the Spirit, led by people of diverse sexualities

Orange  for the many faiths in the circle of divinity and the growth of inclusivity

Red  for courage and love to be celebrated in GLBTIQ community and every community

Purple  for the possibility of a new and changing path

midsumma 14 lighting candles 2

midsumma 14 floating candles

midsumma 14 floating candles lit


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