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midsumma '14CERES verandah

Di wrote and offered a four direction prayer during  our Midsumma Celebration. The words of this follow below:

We turn to face North where the strong winds blow 

And listen to the sounds of CERES, the frogs crocking and the chooks clucking – we smell the gums and give thanks for nature and all she offers us.


We now turn to face East the direction of the rising sun bringing light to our side of the planet.  We give thanks for those who commit to sustainability, and using the sun and earths resources wisely. 


We turn to the South. The direction of our city, the Yarra river and port Phillip bay.

We pray that politicians are wise in their decision making taking into account the needs of all peoples including : the homeless and those who live with mental illness,  refugees, migrants, and people of diverse sexualities.  


We now turn to the West, and the place of the setting sun.  With light diminishing we welcome the coming darkness – a time to rest and recover from our day.  A time to stop, and dream and reflect on the mystery of life and the colours of the rainbow.  


We return to the centre and face each other and our many candles of colour and hope. Amen

 midsumma 14 - Coralie
Rev Dr Coralie Ling gave us much to ponder and discuss after her reflection.

midsumma 14 Jan's banner 2

Jan made a beautiful banner and prayer flags (seen in top photo) especially for this day.

midsumma 14 Jan's banner - face

There was rainbow cake and lots of other delicious foods for morning tea.
midsumma 14 rainbow cake

midsumma 14 morning tea time 2

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