Easter at Sophia’s Spring

Maundy Thursday 18th April      6.30 p.m.
Simple shared meal followed by a Service of Shadows which will be led by Rev Jan Sebastian and Rev Coralie Ling.

Maundy Thursday
Sharing herbs, olives, fish, figs and grapes
Herbs for the bitterness of suffering (Exodus 12:8)
Olives for the hope of peace (Hosea 14:6)
Fish for sustenance and life (Luke 24:41)
Grapes and figs for celebration and abundance (Micah 4:4)
Sharing a simple meal of soup and bread.
We gather this Maundy Thursday evening and
recall Jesus’ new commandment after which this day is named.

Good Friday 19th April      10 a.m. 
Meditation walk around CERES, led by Jan Garood. Followed by hot cross bun morning tea.

Good Friday
Reflection:  Jesus carries his cross outside the city to a rubbish dump.  This beautiful park was once a rubbish dump; but it has been transformed, resurrected, by years of hard work. Food scraps were composted and turned into soil, every tree you see was planted, energy was generated.

From the sun and wind, water was captured, conserved and recycled.   After many years of dedication the soils returned to fertility.

Prayer:  Jesus, you carried your cross alone, yet you reached out to the marginalised: the refugee, the unemployed, the mentally ill.  Grow in us the compassion to love and serve the marginalised and dispossessed.

Easter Sunday 21st April  10 a.m. 
A celebratory Easter Sunday Service, to be led by Rev. Coralie Ling.

All gatherings held in the CERES Learning Centre, along the path from the Lee Street entrance, CERES Environmental Park in East Brunswick.  see google map and site map CERES_Site_Map_Web

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