Afternoon Service: Naming the unnameable

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Sophia’s Spring is experimenting with an occasional series of different approaches to church.  Our second afternoon service is this week 2 p.m.  There will not be a 10 a.m. service that day.  Come in the afternoon and bring a friend!

The theme for the service is exploring the names of God.

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  1. Mary says:

    My house is quiet and still. Even the garden outside is still.A good time to ponder the name of the Devine – I realise: another name!

    I have always been drawn to not making an image and not naming.
    It is very not ‘us’, we like to name. We like to know for sure. Is there anything I can know for sure?

    How do I prepare myself to approach the mystery, if I don’t call it by a name?
    Perhaps I can call it ‘Beloved’ sometimes, like Rumi, to open my heart wide to love and for love.

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