a vision of ministry at CERES

Sophia’s Spring Community’s Vision of Ministry at CERES

We have brought with us to CERES the rich heritage that was the Fitzroy Uniting Church with its emphasis on feminist theology, social justice and inclusiveness. We continue the traditional ministries of aUniting Church congregation, namely the ministries of Word, Sacraments and Pastoral Care but now being in our new context within the CERES community we are finding that there are new and exciting possibilities for different ministries.

Ministry of a dynamic, inclusive, worshipping community

Sophia’s Spring Community offers a place where people of difference are welcomed and can explore their spiritual questions.

Ministry of openness to the Spirit

We are willing to go into the unknown and discover new ministries and to explore interfaith perspectives particularly with our co-habitants the Buddhist community.

Ministry of partnership

We are forming partnerships with the CERES Community and the many community groups that contribute to CERES. Though the work of a diverse number of our community we are also linked to likeminded projects interstate and internationally.

Ministry of the future of the planet

Our ministry takes seriously the global situation as well as looking at specific local possibilities for sustainable action. 

Ministry of the peaceable kin-dom

We have prophetic ministry, setting before people the Biblical vision of partnership with all creation in seeking peace between peoples and the earth.

Ministry of justice

We have prophetic ministry that sides with the oppressed whether people oppressed because of gender, sexuality, ability, race or class, or animals or the earth being dominated or neglected by powerful systems of management.

Ministry of feminist and ecofeminist theology

We offer theological resources on which to reflect and act to bring about the full flourishing of women, men, the earth, and all its creatures.

Ministry of hospitality

We offer a place to come, ears to listen and hearts to welcome.

Ministry of wider church, ecumenical, and interfaith relationships

We envisage our spirituality centre could be a place of prayer, meditation, meeting and learning for Uniting Churches and Presbyteries as well as for other Christian groups and faiths.

Ministry of interpretation and education

We seek ways to contribute a Christian perspective to the broad spirituality that informs the CERES community, by offering seminars and other educational resources for understanding the Christian faith and a creation theology.