What we do

Sophia’s Spring Uniting Church is an active community of faith, a parish of the Uniting Church in Australia which believes itself called to exercise a particular ministry both within the church and the wider community. We gather regularly on Sunday mornings for reflection, discussion, liturgy and music. We also host occasional seminars on both theological and social justice issues. We value the participation of every person – a conviction demonstrated in our gathering.

Our community of faith offers acceptance and equality to people of difference. We seek to respect racial and cultural differences, hear different voices and experience diversity in spiritual paths.

We bring a feminist perspective to religious understanding, for the enlarging and deepening of concepts of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as well as friendship, family and social commitment. We seek to acknowledge the sacredness of the earth and all creation. We seek justice for the earth through exploration of eco-feminism.

We seek to listen to the voices of the oppressed, abused, and powerless.

We seek to share Christ Sophia’s inclusive love with lesbians and gays, who are frequently faced with choice between their identity and their spiritual needs.

We seek to provide a supportive and creative environment for exploring forms of spirituality and emerging theologies relevant to today’s needs.

Identity and Mission Statement, April 2012